As I sit here on the left side of my bed, unfolded laundry on the right, sipping on my decaf coffee at 9:51 pm on Saturday night, I’m thinking of ways on how to keep myself happy. I’m in a mid-transition right now in life, as a parent and a professional. As a parent – my daughter starts at her new daycare this week (with Kindergarten virtual learning) and as a professional – I start my own new job this week as well! I am excited to start a new journey, hopefully with a list of possibilities. It’s looking up… I made this decision in order to help provide a lot better, as a single mom, than I am now for my daughter. I am more than ready to be making it through life more than just paycheck to paycheck. I’ve always thought “well, that’s life, it’s hard..” – which is true – BUT also to improve, instead of just dealing with it, you need to take steps to make it happen. This is why I got this new job. I’m ready for opportunity: professionally and personally. 

When you’re making decisions, make them for yourself. While trying to decide, think about how you will feel after the desired opportunity has been completed. Will you feel accomplished? Certain? Satisfied? Ecstatic? When I was in my car accident, I shattered my bottom jaw and lost seven teeth which I still don’t have to this day. It’s been 14 years since the accident and 3 years ago I finally decided to take the steps to get my dental implants. Everyone around me was telling me to get them but I just didn’t feel ready. Money was always the issue. But one day I decided not to worry about the money. If any issues arise with that, I’ll take step by step to get it taken care of… and I have! I’m about one step away from getting the actual implants and it’s all because I decided to step over that “money barrier”. It’s important to do things in life, really to do whatever you want (within reason) and stay at peace with yourself. You really have nothing to lose!

Have no excuses. Leave the negative voices behind. There is always a way to get done whatever it is you want to do, you just have to see through to it. For me, it’s mostly exercising. As a single mom who works full time, I find myself feeling constantly exhausted… it’s never-ending, it seems – it’s that, or I don’t have enough time. Usually though, or lately, I’ve been finding ways to make it happen. I’m still able to fit in a 22 minute workout before or after cooking dinner. Then I help my daughter with her homework and (as long as I’ve showered and I’m clean), we go to bed. Establishing a routine would help with that, as well. Once I have the routine down, then it should be no biggie!

So my advice to you is – do what makes you happy. If it’s something as little as drinking coffee at 10 pm on the weekend or as big as making the decision to travel the country… DO IT. Don’t put it off… Don’t wait… Find a way to make it happen and dooo ittttt. I’m rooting for you! There IS a way! Just don’t let this slip your mind – you will still get roadblocks. But just as you have made an effort to work on achieving your happiness, you should make the same effort to go around the difficulties and don’t let them deter your focus on that dream.