Just a little note for this week’s blog! I wanted to write a little something to support my fellow mommas who have given birth by a caesarean section. They still have their scar, it will be with them forever, let’s show them that we admire them for their strength [insert strong arm emoji]!

A caesarean section, also known as C-section, is a common way of life for a lot of women giving birth, that not only leaves a physical scar, but can leave an emotional one as well. You see, the caesarean section got its name from it’s latin roots “caedare” which means “to cut”. A C-section usually takes place in emergency birth situations if the mother is deemed too unhealthy or not ready to give birth vaginally. It can also take place if the baby is not sitting in the correct position as it should, or if there are problems with the positioning of the umbilical cord. A C-section is technically considered a surgery, where they numb the mother with medication, and cut open her lower stomach, in order to remove the baby. Sometimes this is the safest option for getting the baby out. 

Some people believe if a woman had a c-section, that she did not truly give birth. Okay sure, the baby did not come out from where it’s “supposed to” come from, but just because things happened that were not in the mother’s control, does that mean we should not recognize her accomplishment? These remarks usually make women feel shamed, unappreciated, and perhaps like people think she’s weak, when really this experience should be the most empowering of all. And if one moment as important as this one makes a woman feel so small, it can absolutely turn into something traumatic and can affect her for the rest of her life. Since c-sections are usually unplanned and happen in emergency situations, this can fall into the mental AND physical capacities. Mothers who give birth via c-section still experience the same postpartum issues as mothers who give birth vaginally. For example, they can bleed the same, they still have a good while for healing (around 2 months maybe longer, depending on how well it is taken care of), and they feel the same level of exhaustion. If she carried and grew a baby in her tummy, regardless of which method it comes out, this is still a miraculous accomplishment, and this is giving birth.